The Washington Ocean Acidification Center was established in 2013 following the recommendation of the Washington state Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification. Although we are based in the University of Washington, we serve the entire state.

Humans around the world depend on oceans for life and livelihood. Ocean acidification, which has been definitively attributed to human-generated CO2 in the atmosphere, represents yet another stress on marine environments that may endanger ocean life and marine-dependent communities.

The Washington State Legislature has charged us with leading the state in priority areas of ocean acidification research. We aim to deliver on this goal through the following activities:

Bringing a regional focus to research priorities and serving as a regional hub for research endeavors

Training the next generation of scientists, managers and decision-makers to face the challenges posed by ocean acidification

Using a distributed network model of organization to join the expertise of UW scientists with that of other regional academic institutions, agencies and organizations

Engaging with industry representatives, state, local, federal and tribal policy makers, legislators, and public opinion makers through a range of activities, with guidance from the Washington Marine Resources Advisory Council

Implementing with partners several key early actions, including:

    • Monitoring ocean acidification and its biological effects in Washington waters and at shellfish hatcheries
    • Forecast modeling ocean acidification on Washington’s outer coast, its estuaries, and in Puget Sound
    • Focusing experiments on assessing biological effects of ocean acidification on organisms found in Washington state, especially those of ecological and economic importance

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